Hello everyone! My name is Ilaria aka Lila Cosplay and practical this beautiful hobby for about eight anni.La very first time I saw a fair (See more) was in Lucca in 2007, the year after I began to involve other friends and we have subsequently brought a large group Akatsuki from Naruto. Of course at the time I did not know it was a wig, and then I did it with my capelli.Nonostante were not quite the same, I recognized in many but mostly I enjoyed a lot.
I later interpreted Neliel version release from Belach with which I won in a small fair Tuscany. From Benkey (Air Gear) Medusa by Perona Artemisia (300) each year I think I'm much better at both of makeup, wigs but also in the creation of clothing and accessories. I was part of ASOIAF Association for three years, as Daenarys and later as Ygritte, and currently I have a small business as an entertainer at birthday parties with other cosplayers! I hope to make new friends and to be able to some 'make you understand what is for me the World of Cosplay!
#Bleach #Neliel
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