MCM London Comicon


23 - 24 - 25 October 2015
ExCeL London





Last October, I went for the very first time to MCM London Comic Con. Beside the problems with our hotel, it was one of the best weekend of my entire life !

First, the convention is very well served by public transport, as it is just next to a train station. The entrance is very fluid, the security staff is very nice (always a lovely word or a joke, and before all: a smile !). Everything is well signposed, the cloakroom, bathrooms, restaurants… It is so big inside that you can easily get lost ! But there are big numbers on the walls, that makes everything so easier ! Like you call your friends to meet, say « where are you ? », look to the wall and say « Under the big 5 ! and you just have to follow the number.

The merchandise stands are very original, we spend so much time walking around to see everything ! We were so happy to see all these stuffs about Pop Culture, Comics, Movies, Art, everybody can enjoy !

The outside part is also very nice: They put giant screens in front of the big stairs with trailers, TV shows, publicity, so you can have some rest while watching it. There is a lot of different places to take some photos, for every kind of cosplays (you have a big place with grass, an other with trees, some very old houses around and more modern places). And of course, on of the best part was to enjoy a nice beer at the Fox the evening. It is the pub in front of the convention, and a lot of cosplayers come in or out cosplay to dance, enjoy ourselves, it is the best place to meet everyone you missed during the day !

We already planned to come back in May, as it was I think the convention I preferred in my entire life ! So if you think about going there: just do it !



I went for the first time at Mcm London Comic Con this october, and it was just so cool, one of my favorite convention for various reason.

This was the first time I went in London for a convention, and I wasn't disappointed, this convention is bigger and various than many french convention, first for the differents cosplay you can see, I saw many characters that I never saw before, like for exemple “Cats, Jurassic Parc, Enchanted ..ect”.

They were Marvel, DC, Disney, GOT meeting, who propose to the fan some photos with other people dress up as there favorite character in a same Universe. This was so cool.

The convention is specially dedicat to comics and movies, with many stands with big labels like “Universal, Warner Bros, Disney..ect”, with differents stand with goodies, props, comics, collectors and signing sessions.

Big screen outside when you want to take a breath or eat on the stairs in front of this screen showing new trailers of futur blockbusters.

And the the best for the end The Fox, a bar next the convention to finnish the convention with fun and laugh, this is so great to do a party with your cosplay in a bar and meet many cosplayer outside the convention to spend time with them in a cool place seat with a glass in your hand.

To conclude a wonderfull convention in London, a lot a fun in, so I just can say “I'll be back !!”



I have been going to MCM Expo for years now, and have seen the convention grow in size and in crowd level.

The convention itself is more like a large dealer room with a handful of guests, If you're interested in picking up goodies from your favourite fandom, take a look inside. However if you're more interested in the cosplay side of the convention, you are more likely to find everyone outside doing photoshoots.

Make sure you check out the local hotels and bars (the Fox especially) for drinking and parties, but book hotel space early as they get really really expensive. Another recommendation is to eat outside the venue.

There is a tescos down the road as food inside is overpriced. An expensive weekend, but if you want to see some awesome costumes, and hang out with friends, its worth it at least once.

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