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Drian Cosplay&Art

We are a couple of cosplayers/cospmakers that wants to improve and make this passion something more than a simple hobby. We hope you will enjoy


Hello there !
I'm a french cosplayer since 2016. I'm often cosplaying Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones, but I'm also working on another

Alexander Drake

Creating a costume is amazing, as much as it is to BE your hero for a day! I love crafting, styling and acting, so being


I am Sephira, a German Cross/Cosplayer.
I've started cosplaying in September 2010. By now I've over 20 Cosplays and I am totally adiccted


French cosplayer, Blizzard and Worbla fan

Lana Marie

Lana Marie is an actress, voice actor, model & cosplayer of 15+ years.
Costumes are all handmade, & consist of her favorite comic

Kalaila Cosplay

I'm a canadian cosplayer. My speciality is sewing (Yeah, I sew almost everything) but I'm practicing prop making. Can't wait to meet


I'm a French cosplayer,cosmaker and sfx makeup artist, I love create things like costumes, creatures, armors, and specially props. I'm a food lover <3

Miss Kitsune

I'm a 23 years old cosplayer from Canada, Montréal! I'm a die-hard fan of League of Legends <3! I make all my props and most


ART of cosplay ❤ Are You Ready
Is there anything more exciting than craft, to look for, to experiment, to create, to play, to


Hi ! I'm a french student who wants to work as a game designer. I love cosplay but I'm not good for it. But I will


Welcome (^w^) My name is Clemence and I'm a French Cosplayer :D
~ Instagram: @clem.croft
Facebook: Clem Cosplay


Je suis Manuelsa, j'ai 28 ans et cosplayeuse depuis 2013.
J'adore la fabrication d'accessoires et d'armures et surtout le Roleplay .


Yong cosplayer since June 2016


cosplayer since 2014 I'm also a make-up artist and I always draw my cosplay before I started to make them . I hope you will enjoy


Ohayo ~

Kitty Lappin

Cosplayer and gamer from Scotland!

Thom Wall / Sorenzo Props

Professional Replica Prop and Cosplay Artist based in Glasgow, Scotland.
I make everything from space guns, robot helmets, fantasy sword and everything in

Cospro Staff

Cospro Staff account.


My name is Simon. I am a cosplayer, and a YouTuber.

If you wish to check out my channel, my name is Wesker-Jr-1990.


I'm Lacey, a graphic designer, illustrator and concept artist from the UK.

Madam Bella Cosplays

Hi I'm Bella, I'm a UK based cosplayer who is a huge fan of Resident Evil, Harry Potter and much more! With over 50 costumes

Philip Caius Ballad

Philip Сaius Ballad


Digital & Graphic Designer, Costumes & Props Crafter, former dancer, gamer... and Dreamer! Geek inside? I love challenge that implies creating something.


Cosplayer since 2010, I cosplay mostly characters from video games.


French Cosplayer who likes to try new stuff and craft a lot :D

Johnnypen Cosplay

Cosplayeur depuis 2012 spécialisé dans les costumes de films, séries TV, jeux-vidéos et BD
Accessoiriste professionnel.

Xia - Cosplay & Props

Hello everybody!

I'm a French cosplayer since 2013. I'm also a propmaker, and I take commissions, so you can send me some private message

Robert Valko

French tall cosplayer, 3D-maker with 3D-printer, instablogger, gym nerd

Olaf Studio

Former disciple of the Lost Shrine of the five Jura peaks , I am director and creator of short films and other audiovisual adventures.

Wicked Twain

French Cosplayers & Vidéo Makers.

"Omelette du fromage"


French Cosplayer since 2007, living in Paris, I do all my cosplays myself, work on cons and made commissions, don't hesitate to ask for my

E2 cosplay

We are French Cosplayer, Youtuber/Blogger !

Cornelia Gillmann

„It’s all a matter of perspective!“
I'm a self-employed photographer. I love picturing the world with my own senses.
btw. I'm

Han Jones

Hey everyone, I'm Han Jones, I'm an actor, singer and danceur from France. And I love Cosplay

Fae La Blanche

I'm Fae, 22, from Austria and Cosplayer since summer 2012. I mostly make fabric-based costumes, but am working on expanding my skill-tree so to say

InuNeko Cosplay

We're just a crazy geeky couple who like to be creative, travel and dress up as our favo fictional characters and having fun at conventions


The 13th Vessel.
Cosplay, Videogames, Anime&Manga and Kingdom Hearts!


Costume designer since 2004 - Cosplayer since 2010 - One of the Italian representatives Eurocosplay London 2013 -
Art Director - Modix Festival

Pr Blackflames

French cosplayer since 2009 and Larp practicing to since 2006. Leather artisan and costum designer (Steampunk, Sci-fi, fantasy etc.). I like make costum adaptation.


Welcome ! I'm a french cosplayer since 2007 :)


Cosplayer since 2012


Engineer and maker.
I make weapons and accessories for cosplayers and fans.

Yue Strife

Hi I'm Yue, French girl, otaku and cosplayer. Welcome to my world ❤o。(๑^‿ฺ^๑)。o❤


Began cosplay in 2009. I stopped to devote my time to my studies. Now, I'm back! (I should convince my twinsis' to join the cosplay

Michele Ilona

I'm Michele Ilona, a german Cosplay girl ♥
love to craft, makeing photoshoots, travel, visit conventions and meet all you amazing people!

Zephon cos

Cosplayer, props and craft.

Florence / bakka

Passionate cosplayer, SFX MUA, crafter, MacGyver in Cologne, Germany.


- Swiss Props & Costume maker

Lili Dîn

Master Marketing, Community manager, retail designer degree. Ubisoft Far Cry 4 Ambassador & event animator.

Tarasque Productions

American cosplayer and photographer

Samus - TL Prod

French cosplayer, videographer, event organizer and Community Manager. I like to manage and to organize events (conventions, contests, promotions, workshop...)


Cospro's geek cook.

Dann Laner

I'm cosplayer since 2011 and musician since 2010.


Hello, I'm a french cosplayer, since 2010, I hope you will enjoy my work!

Tsuki Meian

Cosplayer since 2011.


French cosplayer and costume maker since 2011. I also produce cosplay videos for fun. I especially like working on wigs and trying new technics to

Fee Vagabonde

Je suis cosplayeuse, créatrice et danseuse.

Fire Cosplay

French cosplayer and costume designer, I love to share crazy and happy moments with costumed friends and meet new people for conventions and photoshoots


From Russia with love ;-) Frye-hi to everyone from WrightBeat! Cosplay duo)

Cry Hog

Hello! Just a cosplayer here posting my favorite cosplays and stalkin-err-! I mean make friends... yes. That's it. *wipes sweat off forehead* Whew!

Davide Ravera

Cosplayer,Youtuber&Event Announcer. Cosplay is life, friendship and happiness, but it is also a very important art!!

Luce Cosplay

Italian Cosplayer with German rooths in activity since 2008. Costume Designer. Artist.
Selfmade costumes are my brand.

Lila Cosplay



Cosplayer since 2014, I love meeting people and sharing about craft.
Cosplay is more than a hobby, it's an art, a passion


Cosplayer from Germany. Doing this thing since late 2013 now. Have fun looking around :)


Psykatomique, Cosplay vidéographer and streamer.

Vis Cosplay

I enjoy crafting & wearing the outfits of my fave comic & videogame heroes. Specialised on steampunk and official Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences cosplayer.

Blackwater Cosplay (Kiga)

Cosplayer and Seamstress based in Toronto, Canada!


I just love being someone else


Xei Cosplay French cosplayeur
Cosplay is a living art !
Craft -Bodycosplay -Transformation -Motivation


Just someone with a camera :p


International Cosplayer & Cosplay Judge + Fitness Model
-FB: leobane cosplay
-IG: leobane
-TwT: leobanecosplay
Pro contact:


How do you call a fake noodle? An "impasta".

Aquarius. A+

Philippe Lauby

French cosplayer at your service !